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Listing Agreement

Apartment Selector has a history of being a source of prospective renter's that meet your occupancy requirements and fills your vacancy.

Each prospective resident is interviewed to determine place of employment, individual housing needs and other qualifying information.

This listing is non-exculsive, which means if you find the renter you will not owe us a fee. This differs from most real estate companies that want an exclusive and a management fee.

You only pay us once.

Our Fee is: 100 % of one month for regular term leases (6-12 month +).
We assist in the following way:
1. We assist you in pricing the unit and advise on make ready needs.
2. We present your property to our prospects and discuss them with you.
3. We take the rental application and contact a credit service for background information on the applicatant.
4. Once you select the renter, we will complete the lease, collect the funds-deposit and rent and turn the paperwork and money over to you.
5. The keys are not given to the renter until you have signed the lease and faxed a copy to our office with both signatures.

All fees are based on the regular; full monthly rent including any items that rent includes, before prorations, discounting or any other reductions.

Credit terms are based upon your accepting our referral as an occupant and receiving the initial rent. All invoices are due upon move-in and past due after 30 days. We will invoice you on the date the lease becomes effective.

Our clients are entitled to all inducements, discounts, or rent reductions offered to other prospects. All fees are to be paid to Apartment Selector.

If you agree to the terms listed above, please list the communities you wish serviced on the following sheet, sign and return one copy to us and retain the copy for your records. The parties agree that a faxed copy of this agreement or email confirmation are binding in place of an orginial.

Cordially yours,

Apartment Selector

Communities to be serviced (Attach Additional Pages if Necessary )

Address_________________________________ Phone: ____________________

Owner:__________________________________ Phone: ____________________

In the event you sign this listing on the behalf of an owner, then we must have the owner's full name, business address and phone number to hold you harmless.

The individual signing below warrants that they have the authority as the owner or owners' representative to execute this listing. Apartments Selector may rebate a portion of its fee to the resident, use the properties in advertisements, place signs on the property, and distribute information about the communities and to pay commissions to brokers or other parties.

Any pictures and or floor plans belonging to the owner for use in advertising and leasing may be used by Apartment Selector to give to clients and have available for access off Apartment Selector's website.

Either party may cancel this agreement in writing and all referrals made prior to receipt of written notice will be due regardless of move-in date. Unless otherwise terminated this agreement will terminate 1 years from the effective date. This listing agreement is a non-exclusive listing. The parties agree to abide by Fair Housing Regulations and Laws.

AGREED TO THIS THE ______ DAY OF __________________, 20____, BY THE UNDERSIGNED:

(Company Name)

By: ________________________________________________
(Owner or Owner's Representative)

Address: ____________________________________________

City, State, and Zip Code: _________________________________

Phone: ___________________ Fax: ______________________

Address: ____________________________________________

Apartment Selector
(Apartment Selector Representative)
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Fax: 408-762-6242