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Alameda Pointe Apartments 2021 East Alameda Norman OK 73071 Call for information:
Ann Arbor Apartments 3838 N. Ann Arbor Oklahoma City OK Call for information:
Apple Creek Apartments 3001 Pheasant Run Rd Norman OK 73072-3366 Call for information:
Arbor Lake Apartments 1301 W Hefner Rd Oklahoma City OK 73114-7119 Call for information:
Ashley Square Apartments Apartments 1415 George Ave Norman OK 73072-6212 Call for information:
Aspen Walk Apartments Apartments 5537 S Sunnylane Rd Oklahoma City OK 73135 Call for information:
Augusta Apartments 4001 NW 122nd Oklahoma City OK 73120-9201 Call for information:
Bethany Square Apartments 1900 N Rockwell Bethany OK 73008-6168 Call for information:
Britton Courtyards Apartments 7000 W Britton Rd Oklahoma City OK 73132 Call for information:
Broadway Village Apartments 14140 N. Broadway Extension Edmond OK 73013 Call for information:
Brookwood Village Apartments Apartments 9401 S Shartel Ave Oklahoma City OK 73139 Call for information:
Butterfly Creek Villas Apartments 15440 Swallowtail Rd Edmond OK 73013 Call for information:
Cambridge Landing Apartments 8800 S Drexel Ave Oklahoma City OK 73159 Call for information:
Campus Lodge Apartments 1800 Beaumont Drive Norman OK 73071 Call for information:
Castle Rock Duplex Apartments 3225-3227 Castlerock Oklahoma City OK 73120 Call for information:
Cedar Creek Apartments 404 S. 2nd Yukon OK 73099 Call for information:
Cedar Creek Apartments Apartments 404 S 2nd St Yukon OK 73099-3660 Call for information:
Cedars Apartments Apartments 965 Biloxi Dr Norman OK 73071-2364 Call for information:
Cedars Apartments Apartments 218 Bull Run Dr Norman OK 73071-2831 Call for information:
Chandelaque Apartments 5528 N Portland Oklahoma City OK 73112-1902 Call for information:
Charlemagne Apartments Apartments 100 N Kimbell Rd Yukon OK 73099-2226 Call for information:
Charlemagne I & II Apartments 100 N. Kimbell Rd Yukon OK 73099 Call for information:
Chevy Chase Apartments Apartments 6401 N Warren Ave Oklahoma City OK 73116-1303 Call for information:
Cimarron Pointe Apartments 8301 N Council Oklahoma City OK 73132 Call for information:
Cimarron Trails Apartments Apartments 3100 W Rock Creek Rd Norman OK 73072-2418 Call for information:
Concorde Apartments Apartments 1332 S.W. 74th Oklahoma City OK 73159 Call for information:
Copperfield Apartments 2400 NW 30th Oklahoma City OK 73112-7853 Call for information:
Council Place Apartments 10800 N Council Rd Oklahoma City OK 73162 Call for information:
Country Creek Apartments Apartments 10300 S Western Oklahoma City OK 73139 Call for information:
Countryside Village Apartments 9516 S Shields Blvd Oklahoma City OK 73160 Call for information:
Courtyard Village Apartments 3834 N Oak Grove Dr Oklahoma City OK 73110-3505 Call for information:
Crossroads Village Apartments-TDS Apartments 7409 South I 35 Service Rd Oklahoma City OK 73149 Call for information:
Crosswinds/Crosswinds Cove Apartments 6101 N May Oklahoma City OK 73112-4308 Call for information:
Crown Martin Park Apartments 5300 W. Memorial Rd. Oklahoma City OK 73142 Call for information:
Crown Pointe Apartments 12600 N. Macarthur Oklahoma City OK 73142 Call for information:
Deep Deuce Apartments 314 Ne 2nd St. Oklahoma City OK 73104 Call for information:
Deer Creek Apartments 6801 NW 122nd Oklahoma City OK 73142 Call for information:
Emerald Greens Apartments 2815 Dewey Ave. Norman OK 73072 Call for information:
Forest Creek Apartments 7201 NW 122nd Oklahoma City OK 73142 Call for information:
Gardens At Reding Apartments 3708 S Douglas Ave Oklahoma City OK 73109-3245 Call for information:
Grouse Run Apartments 2401 NW 122nd Oklahoma City OK 73120-8463 Call for information:
Hampton Woods Apartments Apartments 3001 Oaktree Ave Norman OK 73072-8035 Call for information:
Heather Ridge Apartments Apartments 10301 N Pennsylvania Ave Oklahoma City OK 73120-4110 Call for information:
Heritage Apartments 7550 NW 10th Oklahoma City OK 73127 Call for information:
Heritage Park Apartments 1920 Heritage Park Oklahoma City OK 73120 Call for information:
Heritage Pointe Apartments 2502 N Kelley Oklahoma City OK 73105 Call for information:
Hunters Ridge Apartments 9211 N Council Oklahoma City OK 73132 Call for information:
Huntington Place Apartments 1401 N Midwest Blvd Oklahoma City OK 73110-3229 Call for information:
Invitational Apartments 3959 NW 122nd Oklahoma City OK 73120-8233 Call for information:
Kickingbird Apartments Apartments 1900 Kickingbird Rd Edmond OK 73034-6207 Call for information:
La Villa Apartments Apartments 6305 N Villa Ave Oklahoma City OK 73112-7133 Call for information:
Lakeview Towers Apartments Apartments 6001 N Brookline Oklahoma City OK 73112-4256 Call for information:
Legacy Corner Apartments 777 N. Air Deport Blvd. Midwest City OK 73110 Call for information:
Legacy Crossing Apartments 3131 SW 89th St Oklahoma City OK 73159 Call for information:
Legacy Woods Apartments 1919 East Second Street Edmond OK 73034 Call for information:
Legacy at Arts Quarter Apartments 301 North Walker Oklahoma City OK 73102 Call for information:
Los Pueblos Apartments Apartments 717 Santa Rosa Oklahoma City OK 73139 Call for information:
Madison Village Apartments 4215 SE 53rd Oklahoma City OK 73135 Call for information:
Mayfair Gardens Apartments Apartments 5004 N Stenson Oklahoma City OK 73112-8291 Call for information:
Meridian Ridge Apartments 6300 N Meridian Ave Oklahoma City OK 73112-1252 Call for information:
Montclair Parc Apartments 10900 S. Pennsylvania Oklahoma City OK 73170 Call for information:
Oak Creek Apartments 5909 S Lee Oklahoma City OK 73109-8209 Call for information:
Oak Place Apartment Homes Apartments 12500 S. Western Oklahoma City OK 73170 Call for information:
Olde Londontowne Apartments 5516 NW 23rd Oklahoma City OK 73127 Call for information:
Oxford Oaks Apartments 1920 E 2nd St Edmond OK 73034-6352 Call for information:
Park At Memorial Apartments 4201 West Memorial Road Oklahoma City OK 73120 Call for information:
Park Harvey Apartments 200 North Harvey Oklahoma City OK 73102 Call for information:
Pebble Creek Apartments 400 North Pebble Creek Rd. Mustang OK 73064 Call for information:
Pebble Terrace Townhomes Apartments 1727 Pebble Terrace Edmond OK 73034 Call for information:
Persimmon Square Apartments 12113 Heritage Park Road Oklahoma City OK 73120 Call for information:
Pinehurst Apartments 12301 N Macarthur Blvd Oklahoma City OK 73142 Call for information:
Post Oak Apartments 705 Ridgecrest Ct Norman OK 73072-7531 Call for information:
Potomac House Apartments Apartments 2830 SW 59th Oklahoma City OK 73119-6426 Call for information:
Prairie Springs Apartments 9777 N. Council Road Oklahoma City OK 73162 Call for information:
Quail Landing Apartments 14200 N. May Ave. Oklahoma City OK 73134 Call for information:
Quail Ridge Apartments 2609 Featherstone Rd Oklahoma City OK 73120-2105 Call for information:
Raindance Apartments 2201 NW 122nd Oklahoma City OK 73120-8405 Call for information:
Ridgeview Apartments 6708 W Wilshire Blvd Oklahoma City OK 73132 Call for information:
Savannah Landing Apartments 2145 Melrose Court Norman OK 73072 Call for information:
Savannah Pointe Apartments 6100 N. Macarthur Oklahoma City OK 73122 Call for information:
Savannah Ridge Apartments 4701 W. Heritage Pl. Dr. Norman OK 73072 Call for information:
Savannah Square/Harbour Apartments 300 36th Ave SW Norman OK 73072-5049 Call for information:
Sierra Pointe Apartments 5107 N. Hammond Ave. Warr Acres OK 73122 Call for information:
Spring Creek Apartments 777 E 15th St Edmond OK 73013-3620 Call for information:
Stoneleigh on May Apartments 14300 N. May Oklahoma City OK 73134 Call for information:
Summerfield Place Apartments 11777 N Meridian Oklahoma City OK 73162 Call for information:
Summerscape Apartments 3250 Se 44th St Oklahoma City OK 73135 Call for information:
Sun Ridge Apartments 12831 N Stratford Dr Oklahoma City OK 73120-8445 Call for information:
Sunnyview Apartments 4502 Sunnyview Dr. Oklahoma City OK 73135 Call for information:
Tammaron Village Apartments 11100 Roxboro Oklahoma City OK -73132 Call for information:
The Aberdeen Apartments 125 N.W. 15th Street Oklahoma City OK 73103 Call for information:
The Glen Apartments 5918 NW 10th Oklahoma City OK 73127 Call for information:
Tiffany House Apartments 5505 N Brookline Oklahoma City OK 73112-5411 Call for information:
Timberline Apartments 7534 NW 10th Oklahoma City Ok 73127 Call for information:
Twin Creek Apartments Apartments 1300 Creekside Dr Norman OK 73071-1924 Call for information:
Villa De Vey Apartment Apartments 1111 24th Ave SW Norman OK 73069-3951 Call for information:
Village at Stratford Apartments 12831 N Stratford Oklahoma City OK 73120-8499 Call for information:
Villas At Countryside Apartments 9501 South I-35 Service Rd Moore OK 73160 Call for information:
Villas At Stonebridge Apartments 157 Stonebridge Blvd. Edmond OK 73013 Call for information:
Walker's Station Apartments 2600 Tealwood Dr Oklahoma City OK 73120-1754 Call for information:
Warrington Apartments 12700 N Macarthur Blvd Oklahoma City OK 73142 Call for information:
Waters Edge Apartments Apartments 4317 SW 22nd Oklahoma City OK 73108-1905 Call for information:
West Pointe Apartments 7321 Lyrewood Lane Oklahoma City OK 73132 Call for information:
Western Oaks Apartments Apartments 7408 NW 22nd Bethany OK 73008-5606 Call for information:
Westgate Apartments Apartments 5940 NW 40th Oklahoma City OK 73122-3011 Call for information:
Wilshire Village Apartments 6900 London Way Oklahoma City OK 73132 Call for information:
Winchester Run Apartments Apartments 201 Se 89th Oklahoma City OK 73149 Call for information:
Windrush Apartments Apartments 200 W 15th St Edmond OK 73013-5001 Call for information:
Windsor Village Apartments 2500 N Sterling Ave Oklahoma City OK 73127-2034 Call for information:
Windsor Villas Apartments Apartments 5800 NW 29th Street Oklahoma City OK 73122 Call for information:
Woodlake Apartments Apartments 6446 N Peniel Ave Oklahoma City OK 73132 Call for information:
Woodlands Apartments 9268 N Macarthur Blvd Oklahoma City OK 73132 Call for information:
Woodpark Apartments 3175 N Portland Oklahoma City OK 73112-6751 Call for information:
Woodrun Village Apartments Apartments 11501 Lochwood Dr Yukon OK 73099-6656 Call for information:
Woodscape I Apartments 4200 N. Meridian Oklahoma City OK 73112 Call for information:

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The world has only one horrible image of Oklahoma City: the rubble of the Federal Building after the terrorist bombing that killed 168 people in April 1995. The Oklahoma City National Memorial now graces the downtown site where the building stood. It includes rows of empty bronze-backed chairs, one for each victim, and two large bronze-colored oktes. A tree that survived the blast has an honored place on the grounds. The memorial's museum details the rescue and recovery efforts and exhibits artifacts from the building and pictures of the victims.
As striking as the memorial is, there's a lot more to this town. As you tour, you'll notice some of the 2,000 oil wells in and around town -- there are even working wells on the Capitol grounds. You'll see almost that many churches: This is the heart of the Bible Belt.

Don't miss the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum, a large complex that honors the cowboys and cowgirls of the past. Among its many oklleries, you'll find an extensive art okllery that spotlights the works of Charles M. Russell, Frederic Remington and James Earle Fraser (look for the 33-ft/10-m statue of Buffalo Bill Cody); a firearms collection; and exhibits that focus on the way the west has been interpreted in film and other media. The museum's hall of fame honors famous cowboys of all stripes.

We also recommend a visit to the Harn Homestead and 1889er Museum, a prestatehood home and okrdens that were restored by descendants of the men and women who made the Land Run of 1889. Another must-see is Omniplex, the city's cultural and recreational center. It has a number of oklleries and museums, including the International Photography Hall of Fame (see the huge mural of the Grand Canyon), the Red Earth Indian Center, the Science and Air Space Museum, an OmniDome theater, a planetarium and several okrdens and greenhouses.

Veterans (and other military-history buffs) will enjoy the 45th Infantry Division Museum, named for an important unit from World War II. The museum recounts their story and also addresses the military experiences of other Oklahoma residents. Among the exhibits are some original Bill Mauldin "Willie and Joe" cartoons.

We were impressed -- all the more because this is the Great Plains -- by the tropical rain forest inside Crystal Bridge at Myriad Botanical okrdens. Part of a downtown greenbelt, the bridge is a huge glass conservatory with waterfalls and an upper-level skywalk that has great views of the okrdens below.

Save time for the fine Oklahoma City Zoo. If you like the zoo, you might also want to see the Martin Park Nature Center, a large nature preserve with 200 species of birds as well as beavers and coyotes. Exhibits illustrate the center's ecosystem. For a different appreciation of animals, you can visit the Oklahoma National Stockyards (where millions of dollars' worth of cattle get sold with a wink or a nod).

The Lyric Theater is a professional summer-stock company that performs musicals June-August. For nighttime entertainment (bars and restaurants), try the Brickyard area.

Noteworthy Oklahoma City festivals include the International Finals Rodeo (January); the Spring Festival of the Arts (continuous entertainment, international food -- April); the Red Earth Native American Cultural Festival (thousands of Native Americans representing tribes from across North America at the largest intertribal okthering in the world -- June); and the State Fair of Oklahoma (one of the top state fairs in the U.S., with entertainment and exhibits, including a PRCA Championship Rodeo and many contests and competitions -- September). 115 mi/185 km southwest of Tulsa.

History of Oklahoma City
Just a little over a century ago, the site of Oklahoma City was a grass-and-timbered land of gently rolling hills flattening out into prairie in the west. Today, Oklahoma City sprawls across 625 square miles of America's heartland. It's metro population numbers over a million - a third of the entire state's population.

During the 1800s, the US government was forcibly relocating Indian tribes from all over the country into the area known as Oklahoma Territory. There was one parcel of land that was never given over to any Indian tribe - the Unassigned Lands. In the 1880s, many frontier Americans wanted to move into this land. Soon, landless pioneers be okn slipping over into this area without authorization. These were the "Boomers," who were trying to force the government into opening the territory up to homesteaders.

On March 2, 1889, President Benjamin Harrison signed legislation that opened up the Unassigned Lands. So, on April 22, 1889, about 50,000 homesteaders okthered at the boundaries. Some people snuck over at night to stake out prime land early, hiding from the army patrols. These were known as "Sooners."

At noon, the cannon roared, and the hordes of people streamed over the line on wagons and buckboards, horseback, on foot and even on bicycles. Soon, nearly 10,000 people had staked out claims near the Oklahoma Station - what today is Oklahoma City. Claim jumping was common, as were boundary quarrels that led to fights and considerable bloodshed. Tents were thrown up in haphazard fashion, and mass confusion reigned supreme.

Congress had made no provision for city government, so leaders had to be chosen to restore order. A provisional government was selected, and elections were held on May 1 to select permanent officials. A month after the Land Run, the Commercial Club was formed, which was later renamed the Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber be okn attracting railroads to Oklahoma City, and the new town was well on its way to economic prosperity.

By 1900, the population had doubled.

Statehood came for Oklahoma on November 17, 1907. There were brick buildings, streets were lined with fashionable shops, stores and restaurants. Oklahoma City was a center of commerce. The Chamber attracted industry and a number of packing plants in what is now Stockyards City. Back then it was known as Packing Town.

In 1910, with a population of 64,000, there was a petition to move the state capitol from Guthrie to Oklahoma City. With enough signatures, there was a popular vote, which Oklahoma City won. That night, Governor Charles Haskell and a group of conspirators okthered at the Lee-Huckins Hotel. After a midnight trip to Guthrie to retrieve the State Seal, the governor declared the hotel the temporary capitol building. The permanent state capitol, located at Lincoln and 23rd Avenue, was dedicated in 1917. A dome was originally called for, but excessive costs and a wartime shortage of building materials ended that idea.

On December 4, 1928, oil was discovered on the corner of SE 59th and Bryant. In the 27 days before the great gusher could be capped, it spewed 110,496 barrels of oil. The Oklahoma City Field had been discovered, creating the city's most important financial source and making Oklahoma City the world's newest boom town. Oil continues to be one the most important players in this city's economy.

Before modern settlers and Indians came to Oklahoma, the land was occupied by hunter-agriculture peoples. Near Anadarko, archeologists discovered the bones of a mammoth and several spear points. They estimate the mammoth was killed more than 11,000 years ago. The spear point was identified as belonging to an ancient group of hunters called the Clovis culture.

From 500 to 1300 AD, the Spiro Mound Builders lived in an area just west of the Arkansas/Oklahoma border. Items left in burial mounds show the Mound Builders to be skilled artists.

Oklahoma's written history be okn in 1541 when Spanish explorer Coronado ventured through this area. At that time, it was the home of the Plains Indian tribes, such as the Osage, Kiowa, Apache and Comanche. In 1803, Oklahoma was sold to the U.S. as part of the Louisiana Purchase.

In the 1830s, the federal government forced the Five Civilized Tribes to leave their homelands. These tribes were living in the southeastern part of the U.S. They had to walk to Oklahoma over a trail that became known as the "Trail of Tears." Many men, women and children died during this long and treacherous trip. Once these people settled here, Oklahoma became Indian Territory.

Many of the Indians sided with the Confederate Army during the Civil War. As punishment for this after the war, a series of treaties forced the Indian nations to give up the western half of the Indian Territory to the U.S. This area became home for other Indian tribes.

After the Civil War, cowboys be okn their history on the Texas plains. Texas ranchers found they had large supplies of beef with no place to sell it. The East Coast needed beef. To meet that demand, Texas ranchers had to move their cattle to the closest railroads, which were in Kansas. The Chisholm Trail and other cattle routes were made through Oklahoma between 1866 and 1889. While travelling through Oklahoma, the ranchers realized the territory was not only closer to the railroads, but a good location for raising cattle as well. By the 1870s, white men be okn to demand a place in Oklahoma for their own settlement.

There were still large amounts of free land available, on which white men wanted to settle. In 1879 and 1880, President Rutherford B. Hayes forbad white settlement in the territory. Still, people urged the government to open the lands. In 1885, Congress okve the President permission to begin dealing with the Creek and Seminole tribes to open the vacant land to white people.

On April 22, 1889, a cannon blast started the first Land Run. Settlers ran, rode on horseback or traveled in wagons to stake their land claims. By the end of the day, nearly 10,000 people had settled in Oklahoma City.

The Sac and Fox, Pottowatomie-Shawnee Lands, located just east of the original run site, were opened on September 21, 1891. This event was followed by a run for the Cheyenne and Arapaho lands in western Oklahoma on April 19, 1892. The largest and most dramatic run was the Cherokee Outlet, occurring on September 19, 1893. On May 23, 1895, the Kickapoo Land Run in central Oklahoma took place. This was the last land run to happen in Oklahoma.

On March 2, 1890, the federal government created the Territory of Oklahoma. This was the southern part of the region and the western portion of the Indian Territory, plus the Panhandle. More lands were opened for settlement through 1906.

In the 1880s, after the region was settled, outlaws were attracted to Oklahoma. Law enforcement was not established and the landscape offered many hideouts. The worst outlaw okng of the 1890s was the Doolin okng, which was headed by Bill Doolin. Three women outlaws were members of the Doolin okng; Cattle Annie, Little Britches and Rose E. Dunn, the "Rose of the Cimarron."

One of the most famous women outlaws, Belle Starr, made her home in Oklahoma. Some of the crimes she was accused of were arson, robbery, horse theft, and bootlegging. In 1882, the "Hanging Judge" Isaac Parker sent her to federal prison for horse theft.

In 1900, Wild West shows became popular. Zack Mulhall's Wild West Show toured from 1900 to 1915. His daughter, Lucille, was the first cowgirl and toured with him. Gordon Lillie became famous as "Pawnee Bill." His show toured the world from 1888 to 1913. His wife, May, rode broncs sidesaddle and was an expert markswoman. Later, she and Pawnee Bill joined Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show. The most popular of all the shows be okn on the Miller Brothers' 101 Ranch. Their show toured the world from 1908 until the Great Depression in 1929.

Rodeos were born on the range. These were contests where cowboys pitted their herding and riding skills a okinst each other. Rodeo contests were included in the Wild West Shows. Later, when the Wild West Shows became less popular, the rodeo still lived on. Rodeo is the only sport which be okn entirely in the United States. Bill Pickett, a black cowboy from Oklahoma, was credited with inventing the bulldogging event.

On November 16, 1907, the Oklahoma Territory and Indian Territory joined, and Oklahoma became the 46th state.

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