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CALL US: 972-252-8670 or 800-966-8448

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CALL US: 972-252-8670 or 800-966-8448
Arlington High School Apartments-
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Below we have listed a few of the communities in the Arlington High School attendance
zone to help accquaint you with the area.

Support your School Progams: Football, Band, Soccer, Baseball, Baskeball, Volleyball, Wrestling, and more!

For more information. 1055
Arlington Gunn Key

For more information. 8814
Arlington Gunn Key

For more information. 8112
Bowie Barnett West

For more information. 8013
Bowie Gunn Foster

For more information. 8188
Bowie Gunn Foster

For more information. 55
Bowie Workman Foster

For more information. 1230
Lamar Nichols Ellis

For more information. 3206
Lamar Nichols Ellis

For more information. 3336
Lamar Nichols Ellis

For more information. 4700
Lamar Nichols Ellis

For more information. 8381
Lamar Nichols Ellis

For more information. 8269
Lamar Nichols Roquemore

For more information. 8405
Lamar Nichols Sherrod

For more information. 8912
Lamar Nichols Sherrod

For more information. 4388
Sam Houston Carter Crouch
Do you need to locate apartments within the Arlington School District or the Arlington High School.

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We can even assist you by elementary or middle school

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Arlington ISD

Located in the heart of the Dallas-Ft. Worth area, Arlington is a thriving community with a population of over 325,000 citizens. This diverse community is also a major tourist destination that is home to major names in the retail, service, and manufacturing industries.
Currently, more than 62,000 students are enrolled in the Arlington ISD, making it the 9th largest school district in Texas. The AISD is also the largest employer in Arlington and the third-largest in Tarrant County, with a staff of over 8,000.
Arlington schools prepare students for future employment and higher education through challenging academic programs and extra-curricular activities. Eighty percent of the student body is on an advanced education track, with about 12 percent of those students enrolled in honors courses. The AISD is also home to an acclaimed special-education program, which focuses on academic success as well as the development of lifeskills. All academic and extra-curricular programs are supported by a highly qualified, culturally-diverse teaching staff.
To keep pace with Arlington's rapid growth, the AISD opened sixteen new elementary campuses, two high schools and three junior highs since 1989. The AISD now includes forty-nine elementaries, twelve junior highs, six high schools, a pre-kindergarten campus and four alternative schools.
Arlington also boasts one of the lowest tax rates among large school districts in Texas, with a current rate of $1.74050 per $100 of assessed value. Additionally, the district spends considerably less than the state averages in instructional leadership, school leadership, central administration, and other operating costs.
The average pupil-teacher ratio is 14.9 to 1 throughout the district. More than 120 counselors assist students and parents in elementary and secondary levels.
The results of this attention are evidenced in standardized test scores. The combined math and verbal score of AISD's SAT-takers totaled 1,037 points. The Class of 2002 includes 36 National Merit Semifinalists, National Achievement Scholars and National Hispanic Scholars.
The students' successes are largely due to the comprehensive curriculum offered in the AISD. As AISD develops its innovative programming for able learners, it has provisions, K-12, to meet the needs of students with different kinds and degrees of ability.
These provisions are supported by sequentially developed curricula that balance acceleration and enrichment. In math and language arts, students can progress as they master skills, content and concepts.
"Flexible advancement" has been carefully woven into a sequential format with special attention to mathematics and language arts, grades K-12. The district has developed means to assess students for initial placement and to monitor their progress through the curriculum.
Teachers may bring advanced level materials down to groups of students or place individual students in higher level grades or courses.
At the secondary level, additional opportunities for flexible pacing are available in science, mathematics, foreign languages, computer science, and the humanities through the district's honors and Advanced Placement classes as well as through concurrent enrollment with area universities.
Several students have graduated with 24 or more college credits through the district's Advanced Placement program. That's the equivalent of one year of college work. This year, the Advanced Placement curriculum includes English, Calculus, Biology, American History, American Government, European History, Macroeconomics, Computer Science, Physics, Chemistry and foreign languages.
Computers are involved on all levels of study. Computer instruction begins in kindergarten and expands through math and language arts instruction and robotics, drafting and vocational training.
The district's fine arts curriculum allows students to explore their creativity through a wide variety of programs. Drama, art and music education produce consistent trophy winners in University Interscholastic League competition. Unique programs, such as elementary strings and chorus, give our talented youngsters an early start.
The district's comprehensive interscholastic athletic program includes District 8-5A varsity competition in baseball, softball, basketball, cross country, football, golf, soccer, softball, swimming and diving, tennis, track, volleyball, wrestling, and gymnastics.
Zeroing in on potential dropouts, the AISD's secondary Venture School and elementary and junior high Success programs provide alternatives for students who have difficulty adjusting to a regular classroom environment.
Community groups and volunteers have many opportunities to become involved with the students. Several civic groups mentor or tutor at-risk students while more than 16,000 individual volunteers share their time and talents with the students and staff through community programs. This year, about 600 area businesses are involved in the district's Adopt-A-School program.
Arlington ISD serves the educational needs of every child. At the same time, the AISD nurtures its relationship with the community through sound fiscal management and a systematic, well-planned, continuous, two-way communications program. Arlington ISD is "Quality in Action."

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Why do thousands of renters contact us each month for assistance. They know renting is more than a Free Move or a Rebate.
They know the picture is about getting the home they want, saving time looking for it and the total cost, after all a bargin is not a bargin if the item you are buying is overpriced.

Your Apartment Selector agent will help you look at the big picture- your total cost for living in your new apartment, and no
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a. Did the list you are reviewing meet your expectations?
Price - YES Location - YES Size - YES Amenities - YES
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