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Would like to move to an apartment near mass transportation- trains or buses? We list apartments in all areas of the cities we cover. Some of our listings were built or converted to lofts, others are luxury apartments.

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Searching for Apartments near Mass Transist- Trains and Buses, you can call or email us.

Apartment Selector offers you a great free service to compliment your move and is the premier apartment locator in the area.

Start your Search by emailing us your needs and we will use our online database of Dallas apartments and find the most up to date listings right now!
  • Reasons to use Apartment Selector to find your Loft Apartments:

  • Personal service from a trained, a professional agent.
  • On-line access to a list of apartments in your city, matching your criteria and preparing your customized list of vacancies.
  • Personalized follow-up to be sure the information on vacancies matches your price range, location and size needs including a 2nd Look presentation to add more choices or to present a new area.
  • Our presentation includes information on availability, rent reduction specials, move in specials for your selected apartments.
  • On more point: We originated the apartment locating industry in 1959. We take pride in our tradition of serving renters, just like yourself, in finding their next apartment home. Our history is one of working one-on-one for each prospective renter. People lease apartments not computers or list, we know the difference and we make a difference in your rental experience.
  • Apartment Selector locators are professinally trained locators. Whether you are locating a apartment in Dallas Texas or Charoltte,we hope to always serve your home finding needs.

    Our locators make sure you get the apartment in Loft ApartmentsTexas that fits your needs
  • In closing, Apartment Selector is a free service. Your locator is compensated by the apartment community, so the apartment locator service is Free To You


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