1. Location:

In the box above, enter some point of reference so we can find the general area of your community. This can be a city, zipcode, street or a combination of those. Some major landmarks may also work (such as 'Emory University).' In some cases, just entering your community name and zip code is enough. These instructions will be replaced with a map of that area, where you can place a marker to precisely location your community.

When you click 'Go', a map with a 'bubble' will be displayed, showing the requested distance from that location.

After choosing a location, you will be able to find apartments within that distance, and filter the results based on key amenities.

Check to update your zipcodes for missing buildings. There are buildings in your system that will not appear on the map because google is not finding them. You can change this manually. Check Here for map changes

2. How many miles away to look?
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3. What are you looking for?
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4. Clicking button to resort list.