Apartment Selector offers the very finest service to renters and apartment owners through the United States.

Manager may print our information pages below. Our fax number is 214-276-1678. We will forward the information to the
correct Apartment Selector city.

Please let your National Marketing Directors know that we are adding cities on a regular basis. We we would appreciate
having a list of the cities and communities you own or operate on a national basis.

For each building you are interested in listing with our service please print the following pages.

Introduction to Apartment Selector- Since 1959 assisting apartment owners and managers.

Letter of Understanding- Listing Agreement Complete one copy and attach list of communities.

Building Data Page Complete one copy per community.

Unit Data Page- Complete for all unit types or floorplans per building.

Confidential Credit- Only complete one copy for all communities.

Reference Letters from the Apartment Industry

Prospect Letters from Apartment Renters

Apartment Selector National Office
P.O. Box 600355
Dallas TX 75360-0355
Fax 214-276-1678

To Email please send to c/o Sandra Hamlin. You mail email to account at aptselector.com
We have intentional not listed the exact address to avoid computers spamming us.
Just add the @ between the account and the aptselector.com